RYAN PGT - GDPR Data / Privacy Policy 25th May 2018

Our data is collected from the individual / Company requiring our services for the purpose of providing a service now and often in the future.

As a company we often need to look at previous purchases information in order to fulfill future services to our clients and we use purchase history to help us fulfill future orders.

Our data consists of:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Contact Tel Nos
  • Artwork
  • Purchase information/ history for the purpose of fulfilling existing and future orders.

None of our data is passed on to any third party. We collect contact details in order to fulfill a contract We collect personal and company contact details for legitimacy purposes ref invoices etc.

An individual/ Company freely gives us their name and contact details to allow us to contact them ref our services.

The data is kept whilst we continue to trade with the individuals or Companies which may be weekly, monthly, yearly, bi annually, every so often At any point in time a customer/Company can ask that we destroy/remove their contact details and we will do so.